Workout of the Day


WOD: Thursday

2023 Open Schedule:

HEAT TIMES: Friday: 5pm, Saturday: 8am, Monday: 5pm

The Open is here! All open workouts will be posted as the class WOD on Fridays. As with past years, you are welcome to schedule individually with a coach, but please try to make it during the scheduled times above. All competitors MUST complete each workout and upload their score by 8pm on Monday. Speak with Steve, Frank, or Bob if you have any questions! Register for the open at!

Strength/Skill: 3x

  • 3 x Wall Walks (skill work – don’t go to failure)
  • Max Double Unders (set a goal that’s appropriate for your skill level)
  • 90s Plank

Metcon: 20m AMRAP (cruise – take it easy today)

  • 25/20 Cal Row/Ski
  • 20 x Ball Slams
  • 25/20 Cal Bike Erg
  • 10 x Shuttles